Micro silica provides a more uniform distribution and a greater volume of hydration products. This silica decreases the average size of pores in the cement paste. This silica is an excellent admixture for concrete as it leads to better engineering properties. It reduces thermal cracking, improves durability, and increases strength.
Rice Husk Ash
Rice Husk Ash is mostly used in the production of Portland cement. This husk ash s a green supplementary material that has applications in small to large scale. It can be used for waterproofing. This ash is also used as the admixture to make the concrete resistant against chemical penetration.
Silica For Heat Resistant Glass Industry
Minerals & Ores are used to produce electricity, fuel for transportation, heating for homes and offices and in the manufacture of plastics. These are naturally occurring inorganic solids with a crystalline structure and a definite range of chemical formula. These products are very cost effective and easily available too. 
Silica Base Fertilizer & Oil Absorb Powder

Silica base fertilizers & oil absorb powders are formulated for boosting the productivity of crops. These are also efficient in increasing the resistance of plants against diseases and pests. Silica base fertilizers & oil absorb powders aid in seedling growth, root development, and photosynthetic rate.


For Refractory or Refractory Cement
For Refractory offered to our customers is used to patch or line furnaces and bond bricks or joints in high temperature applications. This product is used in furnaces, kilns, incinerators, and reactors. This is used to make crucibles and moulds for casting glass and metals and for surfacing flame deflector systems for rocket launch structures.

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