Silica Base Fertilizer & Oil Absorb Powder

We have brought to you a large variety of superior quality silica base fertilizers & oil absorb powders. These are utilized to boost crop productivity through more environmentally friendly methods. In addition to this, the said products boost plant resistance, seedling growth, root development, and photosynthetic rate. Our offerings fortify the cell wall, aid in the growth of the shoots, and give the plant resistance to pests and diseases. Silica base fertilizer & oil absorb powder can be applied to pomegranate and orange phytophthora management. These are helpful in accelerating the growth, blooming, and fruiting of plants. Crop yield and quality both rise as a result.

Silica For Agriculture Fertilizers

Silica for agriculture fertilizers encourage the growth of bigger, thicker leaves, which limits water loss through transpiration and lowers water use. The development of plant roots is greatly influenced by silicon, which allows for faster root growth and improved root resistance in dry soils. In addition to this, the said products shield plants from illness, pests, and environmental stress by enhancing their immune system. Silica for agriculture fertilizers make the crops yield more even in ideal growing conditions and the absence of disease. With the help of these offerings plants are more resilient to drought, frost, and lodging.

Silica For Oil Absorb

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